Below is the transcript of an interview conducted with Circuit Works Director of Engineering Dave Munsterman.

What is your job at Circuit Works?Dave Munsterman, Circuit Works Director of Engineering

I am the Director of Engineering. That entails both the documentation and the overseeing, programming, and maintenance of machines and developing processes for different products we’re building. That also includes the maintenance of facilities.

How did you personally get involved in electronics manufacturing?

It was the right place at the right time. I went to school at Bradley University and earned a manufacturing degree. I interned during the summer with Motorola, doing mechanical type stuff. When it came to college recruiting, I was recruited by a large electronics OEM and that got me into electronics. Now, I have been with Circuit Works Corporation for almost 14 years.

How have you seen the electronics manufacturing industry change over time and how has CWC adapted to these changes?

Miniaturization is where everything is heading. Technologies are advancing in circuit board layer count, miniaturization and stacking parts vertically. Everything is trending towards higher technology.

You either have to adapt or get out of the way. Develop processes to be able to handle the new miniaturization or spacing requirements. Perform experiments, equipment acquisition if needed, process refinement, and make processes tighter.

What has been your biggest challenge that you’ve seen at Circuit Works and how have you been able to overcome it?

The biggest challenge is seeing the wide range of designs methodologies from different customers and trying to merge that into one process. We try and overcome those problems through experimentation, process refinement, and equipment acquisition if needed. We also work with the customer to provide design feedback as well.

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