In nearly every industry, bringing a new product to the marketplace means entrusting an idea to suppliers of something you can’t make yourself. Printed circuit board assemblies (PCBAs) are one of those technologies that require choosing the right vendor who can support you from the beginning, and stay with you through growth:

  • Do they have the capacity to prototype? Will they have the capacity to meet demand in full production? What happens when my company grows and I need even more PCBAs manufactured?
  • How well do they communicate? Will they keep me in the loop and be reachable during business hours (and in English)?
  • Have they been around for awhile? Will they be around to keep building my assemblies in the foreseeable future?

Excelling at Capacity, Communication, and Cost

Circuit Works has always made the customer needs of capacity, communication, and cost priorities of its operation. Between its Waukegan, IL, headquarters and Agua Prieta, Mexico, facility, capacity to accommodate client growth along with economical production and operations have benefitted customers of all sizes. Now after 16 years, Circuit Works has outgrown the 31,000-square foot building in Mexico and spent much of 2016 preparing a new 50,000-square foot building a mile and a half away.

New Circuit Works Facility

Mexico By the Numbers

The expanded facility and its metrics don’t end there—there’s room to grow even more in this new location. Let’s look at the details:

  • Immediate increase from 31,000 square feet to 50,000 square feet
  • Property secured with an option to double capacity to 100,000 square feet (more than triple the original footprint)
  • Staff increase from 250 to about 300

With complete freedom to build out the space to suit the company’s (and customers’) needs, combined with more than a decade and a half of operational experience in Mexico, the new facility is optimized for efficiency. Streamlined workflows and efficient layouts add up to time and cost savings, and a better working environment for staff.

Ultimately, Circuit Works will be able to accommodate production increases for existing customers, as well as accept more business from new prospects.

Everyone Benefits

For customers, it means:

  • Additional space to customize and streamline production flow based on customers’ requirements
  • Additional (and growing) capability to meet customer needs, and the capacity to support customer growth
  • Physical space for a significant amount of new equipment and additional staff as Circuit Works and/or its customers’ production grow
  • Confidence that Circuit Works is a stable and growing company that has not only longevity but capacity to be their manufacturer of choice for the long haul

President Tom Thompson explains, “This expansion represents a long-term solution so that we don’t run out of capacity to serve our customers’ needs.” And it’s not just customers who benefit, as Thompson continues: “The expansion will allow us to grow together, with our customers, so yes—you can definitely feel that enthusiasm in the air here.”

With the building now complete, Circuit Works continues to move gradually from its old location to the new facility to make the process as “painless” as possible. “It was important to us that there be no interruption in service to our customers and as little inconvenience as possible to our employees,” Thompson says. The transition should finish up in early 2017, but Circuit Works and customers are already experiencing the benefits of increased space, capacity, and efficiency.

Customers put a lot of effort into vetting and securing a PCBA vendor. By partnering with Circuit Works, a successful and growing company that just dramatically increased capacity, a customer can be confident that their needs will be met—for years to come.

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