Electronic Prototypes for Pre-Production Problem Solving (PCB Prototyping)

Electronic PCB prototypes are a vital means to detect and troubleshoot potential flaws in new product development—prior to production. Circuit Works Corporation can build your electronic prototype so that you don’t have to. Our goal is to provide you with a prototype that replicates the manufacturing process and corrects possible defects of pre-production printed circuit boards.

Benefits of Circuit Works Prototyping:

Flexibility:  Circuit Works provides a number of different procedures for placement of your components (hand placed or machine placed components), depending on your needs and the project requirements. Regardless of procedure done, we use a high quality surface-mount reflow soldering process. We regularly work with a wide range of component sizes; therefore we are able to handle the smallest resistor to the largest IC or BGA device.

Early Intervention: The earlier Circuit Works is involved in your design, the better insight we can gain into your development goals and help to foresee problems before they arise.

Customers sometimes contact us later in the production process—once the printed circuit boards are manufactured. We can be most helpful to our customers when we are involved at the early stages of your development cycle.

Capabilities:  All of our associates are trained in workmanship and inspection—assembling to an  IPC Class II standard. From a manufacturing standpoint, the IPC standard ensures that the joints and workmanship are representative of industry standard assembly. We utilize numerous processes to provide you with the most production representative prototype.

Involvement:  Our clients are always welcome to come on site.   Many of our clients visit so they can be fully involved in the prototyping process and see potential production manufacturing or design issues first hand. Our approach is to partner with you for your long term success.

Circuit Works Corporation specializes in custom solutions for your electronics manufacturing, by providing you with prototypes that replicates production units.  Our company is small enough to respond to your specific requirements, yet large enough to serve you globally. Contact us for assistance on your electronic prototypes.

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