What is your job at Circuit Works?


I am the Purchasing Manager.  Here at Circuit Works we are divided up by customers, so we buy per job or per client.  I take care of specific customers from start to finish.  I enter the orders, buy the parts, go to product meetings, negotiate for better prices with suppliers, and see that the order is fulfilled. I am the one point of contact for my customers.  I know everything going on with their account for each step.

How did you personally get involved in electronics manufacturing?

I previously worked at a company that purchased steel.  I was a junior buyer there for 7 years and was just involved in purchasing for that company.  The client service wasn’t divided up there the way it is with Circuit Works.

I started with Circuit Works in 1997. I’ve been here for 17 years as the Purchasing Manager.

How have you seen the electronics manufacturing industry change over time?

The main change is because of changes in the industry. Most of the jobs have been converted to more surface mount. Also, parts have gotten smaller.

What has been your biggest challenge while at CW and how have you been able to overcome it?

The biggest challenge (and the thing I’m most proud of) is that we are a service company. We’re always trying to make sure we’re meeting our client’s needs.  If they need to buy parts at the last minute, we do whatever we can to get them what they need.  We are willing to work extra, stay late, make additional calls, pull together as a team, and basically do whatever it takes to get a job done on time.  Even if a part costs more and we can find it at a broker and complete their order, we will cover the additional cost for that part so that they have what they need.

Upper management is very involved with seeing that our clients receive great service, so that makes it easier to meet the challenge.  We’re a team.  I can go to upper management to talk with them about what I need to see that the job gets done and quickly get their OK or their advice. Everyone works together here to serve the client.

What satisfaction do you derive from being a team member at Circuit Works?

I always say if you have to work, this is a great place to come every day.  Why is it great? It starts from the very top and trickles down.  Everyone has a specific job and I have specific clients, but we also work well together to achieve the goal of serving them.

What do you enjoy doing when you’re not at work?

I enjoy spending as much time as possible with my kids and grandkids.  I especially love to go boating on Diamond Lake.  We have a pier, a dock and boat. I also love spending time with my dear girlfriends—special friendships that I’ve had since I’ve been a teenager.

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